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Dog & Cat Boarding Information & Rates

"Day" refers to a calendar day, not a 24 hr. period. See below for details.

Dog Boarding Rates per Dog

 Under 20#  $17.00/day 
20-50#   $18.00/day
 50-100#  $19.00/day
 Over 100#  $20.00/day
Individual Dog in Double-sized Kennel $27.00/day
Day Board (drop-off & pick-up on same day) $12.00/day


Cat Boarding Rates per Cat


VIP Packages-Dogs

 Grooming & Bathing Spa Services See our Grooming page for details

 Extra playtime in the 1 acre Bark Park

$5/30 minute personal play session 

VIP Package-Cats

 Purr & Playtime (extra play & brushing)


Information about boarding rates:

  • The rate for some individuals may be adjusted for behavior, special needs or other considerations.
  • Discounts: 
    • We offer a discount of $5.00 off each additional dog when sharing the same kennel.  
    • The discount for cats sharing the same condo space is $2.00 off each.  
    • Long-term boarding discounts (consecutive days):
      • 30 day stay receives a 10% discount and complimentary bath/groom at departure.
      • 60 day stay receives a 15% discount and complimentary bath/groom at departure.
      • 90 day stay receives a 20% discount and complimentary bath/groom at departure.
  • There is always a day's charge for the check in day.  There is a day's charge for the check out day if you pick up on a Sunday or Saturday evening, or a holiday.

  • If you pick up your pet early, without giving us at least 24 hours notice, we reserve the right  to charge you for all of the time you had reserved.  This is handled on a case by case basis, at the very least you will be charged through and including the pick up day.
  • In some cases there is a small additional charge to administer special diets and/or medications.   


   Pet Care Agreement:

    Agreement in Word format
    Agreement in PDF format 

Each client and pet is required to have a completed Pet Care Agreement on file.  Please feel free to download and bring the completed form(s) with you when you drop off your pet.

General boarding information and requirements:

Cancellation Policy:  When you make a reservation we hold that space for your pet in good faith.  If you have a change of plans, we ask that you give us as much notice as you possibly can.  Keep in mind that chances are good, during our peak season, that at least one other pet was turned away for the same time period that you have reserved.  If given enough notice, we can usually fill the space with someone from our cancellation list.  In the event of a "no show" or a cancellation with less than 24 hours notice, we may charge you for part of the reservation. 

Payment:  Payment is expected at check out.  We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard & Discover as payment.  Checks returned due to non-sufficient funds are subject to a $25 fee.  Long-term stays may require some prepayment and/or payments during the stay to cover kenneling costs. If you default on a payment, you will assume the cost of any legal fees we are assessed in order to collect on the balance due. 

Reservations are recommended.  The amount of notice we need depends on the time of year and the type of pet you are boarding.  Our peak times include all holidays, spring break and the summer vacation season.  During these times we often book up several weeks, or more, in advance.  A basic rule is to call us as soon as you know the dates that you need.  The indoor/outdoor kennels are in the highest demand, whereas the indoor kennels usually require less notice, and we seldom run out of space in the cat room.

Proof of current vaccinations is required by the state.   We do not & cannot give vaccinations, so your pet must be current prior to arriving at the kennel. Please feel free to read up on Canine Cough. Please bring a copy of your pet's current vaccination, can also be emailed or faxed to us as well.

  • Cats are required to have FVR-CP and Rabies within the last 12 months.  
  • Dogs are required to have DHLLP/Parvo (combo shot), Rabies and Bordetella (Canine Cough) within the last 12 months.


Emergencies    We will record your veterinarian's name, your cell phone numbers, or any other emergency contact information you would like for us to keep on file.  In the event of a medical problem or emergency we will call you and/or your contact person.  If necessary we will call and/or take the pet to your veterinarian. If your veterinarian is not available, we will use our veterinarian (Dr. Popp at Weathered Rock).  You are responsible for any veterinary fees.

Flea and tick preventative is highly recommended.  Thanks to the many effective flea and tick prevention options that are available these days, flea and tick problems are rare among our boarders.  However, if we do see a problem with your pet we will treat it accordingly and at your expense.  This may involve an application of Frontline, Capstar and/or a bath if indicated.  The flea cycle is one whereby the flea can survive for extended periods depending on the stage it is in.  While it may appear that fleas are "caught" at a particular location (kennel, vet, groomer, dog park, etc.), often the reintroduction to the host (your pet) back into the its home/yard can trigger an immediate hatch.  For more information on the flea cycle and recommendations on how to take care of a flea problem in your home, visit the Frontline website here and simply click on each lifestage for more details.

Things to bring include a leash to take your dog to and from the kennel, and a collar with ID tags is always a good idea when your pet is away from home. We strongly recommend transporting cats in a pet carrier.  You may bring bedding, toys and chews.  Keep in mind that your dog may act differently while being boarded and sometimes bedding gets chewed or soiled on, so you may not want to bring the monogrammed pillow.  If your pet's bedding is easy to launder and time permits, we will be able to do that if needed.  Large pillows and other items that are too cumbersome to wash will have to go home as is.

Food and treats from home are optional.   We feed Royal Canin and Canidae dog and cat food and will provide a variety of treats.  If bringing your own food please bring it in reasonably sized , easy to handle containers which are labeled with your pet's name.  The rates remain the same whether we use our food or yours.

Medications can be administered and should be labeled with the correct dosage and instructions, your name and your pet's name.  In some cases there is a small additional charge for any necessary injections.

Grooming   Full service dog grooming is now available.  For all of our spa offerings, please visit our Grooming page.

Barking   Yes, it can get  noisy in the kennels.  The other dogs will be excited because they find the arrivals and departures to be quite entertaining. Yes, they do quiet down when we leave. If you enter any building, please try to have a calm demeanor, speak in a normal tone of voice,  keep your dog under control, and keep any children calm, quiet and under control.  

Anxiety   We have found that most pets adapt well and become comfortable with us and their surroundings and the routine quickly.  It is usually harder on you than it is on your pet, but try not to let on!  If you are upset and miserable about leaving your pet, then your pet is bound to be more confused and stressed about being left.  Subsequent visits will be much easier once they figure out you do come back for them.  Most dogs go willingly and even eagerly  back to the kennel area once they have gotten acquainted with us and the facility. And most cats adjust quickly after only a brief pouting session, and some don't pout at all by the 2nd visit!

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