Welcome to Honey Creek!

Grooming & Bathing Services

Our grooming spa, located inside our new Barks & Rec building, is now ready for our groomer!  Our resort guests can enjoy a spa treatment with our full range of dog grooming services.  Rebecca, who has been our kennel helper, is an experienced dog groomer and is excited to be offering her services to our Honey Creek guests. 

Currently, she is offering appointments Monday-Saturday.  She is also here on Sundays to groom our boarding guests as well.  Please visit our Forms page for our Grooming Agreement form.

Save 10%
off your pet's first groom

Book your pet's first full grooming and/or shed treatment and qualify for this special discount! One coupon per pet, please print and bring this coupon to your appointment for redemption.

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Grooming Services

Our full-service groom includes:

        • bath
        • brush out
        • trimming
        • ears 
        • nails  
        • anal glands 
        • full drying

Your pet's full-service grooming treatment will start with a brush out and soothing bath.  Trimming can be done to breed standard and will be also done to your specific taste or need (dematting extra).  We will clean your pet's ears with a veterinary-brand ear cleaner that will also help keep the ear canal dry.  Plucking of the excess hair in the ear canal (depending on breed) will be included. We will clip and/or grind the nails, and perform an external expression of the anal glands.  Your pet will receive a full hand-drying treatment (no heated cage dryer used).

Add-On & Special Services

Depending on your pet's coat condition, additional work may be required to ensure a proper and healthy groom.  Upon inspection of your pet's coat condition, we can estimate the cost of this additional service for you.

We offer full-body shave downs for those dogs who do better, particularly in the summer months, with less coat. 

Special Area Trim-Up
If your pet is not in need of a full-groom, but you'd like your pet to have a personal hygiene trim, or the hair between the pads trimmed, these services are also offered.

Pricing: Depends on breed, size, coat condition

Bathing Services

Wash 'n Go
This basic service will get your dog cleaned and smelling great, especially after playing at the resort.  Includes a standard brush out & bath along with air, towel or some professional drying.
Price Range: $15-25
(depending on size/coat)

This bathing service is a great clean up and refresher for your dog. It includes a nose to tail treatment: a standard bath & brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, along with air, towel or some professional drying (depending on season, coat, etc.)
Price Range: $25-$45
(depending on size/coat)

Shed Reducer
This in-depth, multi-step bathing, brushing and drying treatment is designed to help get rid of excess shedding hair. Sometimes referred to as "Shed-Less" treatment, it will help save your vacuum!  You can get the most benefit from this program by having your dog come in every 3-4 months. Includes nail trim and ear cleaning.
Pricing: Depends on size/coat

Add-On Services

We offer both basic nail clipping as well as nail grinding.
Clipping: $10.00, with bath $5.00
Grinding: $15.00, with bath $10.00

Ear Cleaning
We use a veterinary-brand product that helps clean and dry the ears.
Price: $5.00, with bath $3.00

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